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With The Bengals nothing is for sure, But one thing is, Mike Brown is not PLAYING BALL with his DISTRAUGHT QuarterBack, CArson palmer has Vowed He would never STEP FOOT on PAUL BROWN STADIUM again. Head Coach Marvin Lewis,has indicated that the TEAM has chose to move on as if Palmer would not be there,Enter the DRAFT, with the Number FOUR PICK in the Draft, Jake Locker,Ryan Mallett,and Cam Newton are waiting  in the Wings to Catch on and be the Heir Apparent to Carson palmer. Cam Newton, the Heisman Trophy Winner from Last Year looks to have all the tools, and the Talent to take Command of a New West Coast Offense,and New Offensive Coordinator Jay Gruden’s Grand Scheme. Locker,and Mallett look to be in the Mix,

but Cam looks  to be the Front Runner in this Race. The Bengals have talked to him and all looks good. Newton looks to Fit for The WEST COAST System that New Offensive Coordinator Jay Gruden is Installing. At the Number Four Pick The Bengals are Primed to Take Newton, Unless One of the Three teams in front decide to take a CHANCE on him that case, both Locker and Mallett would be Factors. both are Big , Strong and Mobile and would be great picks also.

More to Follow.

Mark jewett


  Being a sports fan can be frustrating at times.

But, being an OHIO sports fan can be , (“Lately” ), absolutely crazy. And, myself, a PROUD Bengals FAN.

I’m Just about a “BASKETCASE”.     

… Keep tellin’ myself, maybe “NEXT YEAR, Mark”.  Year goes by, then another year… then ANOTHER. The CINCINNATI BENGALS are as inconsistent as the DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE. One year they are up top, the next year they are DOWN ! But the CONSISTENT thing is FANS in CINCINNATI. They are plain sick and tired of the “same OL’ thing”.

Bengals QB, [CARSON PALMER] has “requested” a trade. “Imagine that“.  He believes it is best for him and the team to seperate from each other.

   “Ocho Cinco”, (or Johnson.), we DON’T know what to call him just yet. This guy wants to change his name back to ‘CHAD JOHNSON’…

must have been bored with ” Ocho Cinco” which really means 8/5, ( In Spanish.), not 85 “LOL”.

 Now, it seems that ‘Chad’ has ISSUES with Head COACH Marvin Lewis…               


” Put ME and Marvin in a CAGE” *, (or something of that nature. ), was said during an interview with ESPN. He, apparently, is a little upset at Lewis  for “throwing him under the bus”. Which I find, kind of, amusing. I guess being called “a little MOPEY” is like getting thhrown under a bus.When asked about “the OCHO’ Marvin said that ‘Chad’ “was, STILL, under contract”. and with [MIKE BROWN] turning down Carson it looks like the LINES have been drawn into some very gritty mediums. more to follow.


Mark Jewett