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Do you know who said : ” Train…say your prayers…take vitamins and believe in yourself ” ?

[TERRY GENE BOLLEA], but, you’ll recognize this 6 foot 4 inch, 302 pound person as HULK HOGAN, or….

 The Hulkster,
Hollywood Hogan,
Thunder Lips,
Terry Boulder,
Sterling Golden,
Mr. America…
plus whatever else the fans in the arenas around the WORLD have SCREAMED.

Terry played little league baseball and a LOT of BASS guitar. I can only guess that yelling “hey, batter batter” and playing to audiences with the volume level at ELEVEN may have contributed to the Hulk’s aural abilities in the ring. Most of all Terry Hogan BUILT himself into the Man we “know” him as today. Florida bred, this mountain of tanned muscles is a hero to many a youngman.

BARTHOLOMEW EDWARD SCOTT] grew up in Detroit, MI and heard a lot of what Hulk espoused, putting it into practice in high school and into college. Many can’t understand the brashness of the words that many who accomplish more than “THEIR LOT” are supposed to…(‘ More than one hundred schools sent out recruiting letters; however, low SAT scores made colleges shy away. Scott later improved his test scores to ensure eligibility.During July workouts for a Michigan high school all-star game, Scott was impressive on the field thus, catching the interest of coach Bryan Masi. Masi contacted Dan Enos, a friend and an assistant coach at Southern Illinois. As a result of the conversation, SIU offerd Scott a scholarship.

Scott continues to return to Southeastern nearly every year to speak with students, challenging them to aspire for more in life. Additionally, Scott provided the school with new uniforms and equipment in 2005 while upgrading the weight room in 2007. Scott also paid to have a new set of bleachers installed at the school after vandals stole the school’s former bleachers. In honor of Scott’s accomplishments on the field and off of it, Southeastern retired his jersey in 2008.’) (“wiki”)

It isn’t often that someone gets to be a part of an event where one may participate WITH their [HERO], especially when you can “barely” tell them apart.

 This should be  fun, for Hulk, for Bart and, for ALL watching.  Bart came to TNA! NFL vs TNA wow that’s cool, it looks like with Lock Out on the horizon, Bart can “Wrassle” with the Hulk and the rest of the BOYS. kind of Cool , Because come march 12-13 Big Buddhas is Putting on a CARD SHOW and Convention at the Vet’s Memorial  in Columbus Ohio,Stars from both the Wrestling and Football Worlds will be there. it would be interesting to get their Take on this situation. Please join us At the Vet’s Memorial as we meet and talk with these Greats to get an insight as to what they do.

More to Follow,

Mark Jewett

D.Rick Mack


When [JOHN SHOLTO DOUGLAS] set down the “law” of two men having the contest of controlled “brutality” called Boxing he probably didn’t know much about the way other parts of the world did something similar. There have been Champions crowned in many definitions of fairness by size or weight. Many Blokes and Bruisers who’d begun their careers at the rear entrances of taverns, or the parking lots of their jobs.  The confrontations brewed with the main ingredient of TESTOSTERONE being stirred in the cauldron called “civilized” society.

From bare knuckled “bashings” through the sciences that matched a combatant’s size to the impact ratio of those “three” square inches of inertia coming to an abrupt halt on the bone and sinew of another human, the temporary war of TWO is as old as “creation”. And, while any two are going to exchange, (Or AVOID.), the impact of another’s strength,guile and accuracies there will be those who will watch, wager… ENJOY the accumulated physical damages.

bare knuckler: John Heenan


These were MEN of their time, and there was NO mistaking what they did for a “LIVING”.

The twentieth century brought along a “more civilized” manner of facial dissection. The rules of the Marquess of Queensbeery made sure that there was an eveness to the matter. The “SPORT” of [BOXING] allowed for the “gentler” sex to witness the inate physical “beauty” of how each combatant moved to, either strike or avoid the hammer at the end of their opponent’s arm. The grace of a brutal “dance”… a windmilled Waltz where the better man used the other’s face, or rib-cage, to thrum the cresendo of the other’s ensuing defeat. There were those that rose to such heights that they were afforded great wealth and [PRESTIGE] for their art.

All the while the world had its own version of how TWO MEN decided who had better movement and power…

In the Nation of THAILAND, at the ripe old age of  3000 years, the art of non-weaponed, (Ya gotta USE yer ARMS!), combat is a Ballet of MAYHEM.

The creation of Televised sport has allowed us to learn about how “other” Peoples do what we “do”. The creation of the [MMA] has filled a “void” left by BOXING’s familiarity. Yes, Boxing still has the excitement and celebrity that it’s had, but the newness and intricacies of  this new way of “battle” has fed the roots of the “Couch Potato” immencely.

From the year [648 B.C.] the skills of boxing and wrestling were combined to entertain the Greek citizenry, even unto the Olympic Games. In 1899 a Briton introduced the combination of judo, jujutsu, savate; (kicking only.). With the French style of stick fighting, called canne de combat added for  the show of “dexterity”. The Japanese were inspired to the presentation of their version of “American” fighting, called Merikan, in the early 1900’s. Growth was slow, ( War CAN do that to an international phenomena.), throughout the next few decades. Fighting “styles” morphed into various configurations that brought the Brazilian beauty of “submission” combat that we’ve come to know through the [GRACIE] family.

But, before we’d come to know the Gracies a [DRAGON] breathed a fighting fire into our brains through the media of movies.

And, so we’ve come “full-circle” with the interest in MMA. There have been many men who’ve held the TITLE BELT in more than [ONE WEIGHT CLASS] in Boxing, but, the combination of TWO weight classes HASN’T been seen in the MMA as of this date…

Enter the only two that have the mixed martial arts’ enthusiasts ATTENTION. [GEORGE \”RUSH\” ST. PIERRE] and [ANDERSON \”THE SPIDER\” SILVA].

(Sorry, but it WAS the shortest video that I could find.)

The date of this monumental [MATCH-UP] is yet to be announced. No matter what the time-table, those that are fascinated with this type of event will cheerfully slap down the ducats for this bout.

D. Rick Mack

Sports collecting is all about the memorable “FLASH and DASH”  of the “Field Generals “, ( the Quartebacks.), and  “Squash- Bucklers”,

squash-buckled (the defensive ends,  linebackers and [CORNERBACK] / safeties.) as far as FOOTBALL is the concern.

The game of American Football has changed, greatly, since [WALTER CAMP] gave it its basic rules of engagement. “Gone” is the [OUTDATED ?] Single Wing- T formation, as too the leather helmet with no face mask.  

The value of a player to their team was a combiation of offensive output AND defensive prevention… the “TWO-WAY” player. Heroic originals like , Native American ( of the Sak and Fox Nation.), Jim Thorpe were true ALL ROUND ATHLETES, being put to use wherever the best man for the job was needed. But, when the opposing team had thwarted all effort for the offence to reach the FIRST DOWN marker a PUNT,

NOT like the above , but like this …                                 


was the defensive (?)  tool needed.

 The specialization of the kicking strategy of Football didn’t  “gel” until after the likes of players like the late [GEORGE BLANDA].  The interesting facts about those that have the talent to score points with their feet is that , more often than we realize, those who do have ALSO been the Quarterback. Randall Cunningham may have been the NFL’s first “ultra” mobile of his type, but, in 1989, Cunningham, who had been an all-conference quarterback and punter while at UNLV, unleashed a 91-yard punt against the Giants on December 3, the longest in Eagles history (and the fourth-longest ever).  He had 20 punts during his career, with an average of 44.7 yards per punt !

One of the more unusual, but legal, kicking weapons of (North) American Football is the DROP-KICK, a lost art retained from the game of [RUGBY]. The last player to score points by this difficult manner is one Doug Flutie 21 YEARS after it being accomplished in 1941. (According to the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Web site, the league’s last drop kick for points was on Dec. 21, 1941 — two weeks after the bombing of Pearl Harbor — when Ray “Scooter” McLean converted for the CHICAGO BEARS to beat the New York GIANTS 37-9 in the NFL championship game.) Do you “believe” that you “KNOW” every way to score points in Football ? How many ways AND points does a Drop Kick produce* ?

The longest punt in NFL play was a 98-yarder by Steve O’Neal, of the New York Jets  in an American Football League  game played against the Denver Broncos on September 21, 1969. Talk about a Howitzer for a leg !

So, throughout the history of FOOTBALL no matter how well the Quarterback’s arm can sling the “Pigskin”, or the backs carry that “loaf” when it all gets down to moving the ball during those critical moments it’s STILL a FOOT that determines a team’s strategies for all else to be accomplished. Here’s a few of the [BEST].

as a short thought about how diverse the art of kicking is…

Michael Phelps: Pre GOLD.

D. Rick Mack

*(Field Goal= THREE points, and a Point after touchdown=ONE point.)