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The debate of whether or not Pete Rose should be in the MLB Hall of Fame has been RAGING for years.

“Yes”, Rose Bet on Baseball. “Yes”, Rose Bet on his Reds. and Yes, Rose was Suspended, (Read BANNED!!!), from BASEBALL. The Man, who’s style defined the “GAME”, also admitted he was wrong, and was EXILED from the GAME he LOVED. The man HAS paid the “PRICE”…

…Aug. 24, 1989: Rose agrees to lifetime ban from baseball following a six-month investigation of his gambling, a deal announced by Giamatti. A five-page document signed by Rose and Giamatti has no formal findings. However, Giamatti says he believes Rose bet on baseball, while on the same day Rose denies it.

Sept. 1, 1989: Giamatti dies suddenly of a heart attack at age 51.

April 20, 1990: Rose pleads guilty to two felony counts of filing false income tax returns.

July 19, 1990: Rose is sentenced to five months in prison and fined $50,000.

Aug. 8, 1990: Rose begins serving his five-month prison sentence at Marion (Ill.) Federal prison camp.

Jan. 7, 1991: Rose is released from federal prison in Marion, Ill. He begins the second part of his sentence, consisting of 1,000 hours of community service at Cincinnati inner-city schools…

 But, I feel Pete Rose has done NO MORE WRONGS  than [ANY-BODY] else in the world of professional Sports with this day of PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS  among other things these ATHLETES are taking part of NOWADAYS. 

I see that Rose has just as much RIGHT to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame as anybody else.

 Men like Roger ClemonsMark McGwire and Barry Bonds have been implicated  with these DRUGS. 

 These Men have proclaimed their innocence, but there have been questions about their involvement and how their game was affected by THEM.

  So, my friends, I ask this. If  the “BOYS” in COOPERSTOWN are gonna turn a “cheek” and let these guys in, which ALL will be ELIGIBLE  in the next couple of years, 

[WHY NOT PETE ROSE !?!  Just LET the MAN in the Hall of Fame… 

…And Allow him HIS place… in BASEBALL HISTORY… that he DEFINITELY EARNED.


Mark Jewett


Things are moving toward [OPENING DAY] at a rapid pace in the MLB, some players are planning their next “move”.  [Joseph Patrick Mauer ]  could be “on the market” if the MINNESOTA TWINS don’t resign him. Mauer, a DEFENSIVE Catcher       who also happens to hit like an All-Star batsman, ponders if the TWINS will resign him. If they do it could be in excess of $200 Million.

                                     A little steep,but Mauer is worth the investment                              


                                                                             and            [BRANDON TYLER  WEBB]

 also wonder where they will playing, LEE,  won the CyYoung award in O8. and Played like Cy in O9. 


On the Opposite end of the Spectrum, Webb pitched just four innings last year, then had Back Surgery on top of that.  But on the BRIGHT SIDE, Webb when healthy, can be on that SHORT LIST of the Best Pitchers in Baseball. Outfielders,



  [Jayson Richard Gowan Werth (Werewolf)


 have had huge up-swings when it comes to power hitting, and should fit somebody’s schemes nicely. Werth has been an asset to the PHILLIES since they signed him in 2007.



                                                  [Joshua Patrick Beckett  

 have some factors working…  “reputation” and age… against them, but are also good in a lot of areas. The wild cards are [DEREK SANDERSON JETER], [Manuel Aristides (Onelcida) Ramirez ], and [Adam Troy Dunn (Big Donkey) ] are also on that list. More to follow.

Mark Jewett