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The world of professional wrestling has had its Share of  Ups and Downs. there has been triumphs and tears along the way, Men like Curt Henning, Rick Rude,Owen Hart, Road Warrior Hawk, Andre The Giant, Big John Studd, Ray ( BossMan) Trailer, Luna Vacon and Miss Elizabeth just to name a few of the FRAT Brothers and Sisters who have Perished, may they All Rest in Peace. These dedicated Professionals put it all on the line to give fans their Money’s Worth EVERY time they came to a Wrestling Event. Hercules Hernandez, Brian Pillman, Eddie Gilbert, Andrew  (Test) Martin and  The Junkyard  Dog , were some other names that came to mind also contributing to the  success that has made Professional Wrestling  its own spectacle. Without these Dedicated Men and Women the Sport of Professional Wrestling would not be the same,and Now that they are no longer with us. It isn’t, (the same.). The promoters CASHED in ON the TALENT that these People brought to the table. And in the process these people were pushed to the Highest of levels to perform; and used Questionable Methods to do so. But some insiders would say that’s Part of the Show. I would like to take this Time to say Thank YOU to anyone who laces Up a pair of Wrestling Boots… and PAYS The PRICE. For OUR ENTERTAINMENT. From the Small, Independent Wrestler to someone who has MADE IT to the Main Event. THANK YOU.


When [JOHN SHOLTO DOUGLAS] set down the “law” of two men having the contest of controlled “brutality” called Boxing he probably didn’t know much about the way other parts of the world did something similar. There have been Champions crowned in many definitions of fairness by size or weight. Many Blokes and Bruisers who’d begun their careers at the rear entrances of taverns, or the parking lots of their jobs.  The confrontations brewed with the main ingredient of TESTOSTERONE being stirred in the cauldron called “civilized” society.

From bare knuckled “bashings” through the sciences that matched a combatant’s size to the impact ratio of those “three” square inches of inertia coming to an abrupt halt on the bone and sinew of another human, the temporary war of TWO is as old as “creation”. And, while any two are going to exchange, (Or AVOID.), the impact of another’s strength,guile and accuracies there will be those who will watch, wager… ENJOY the accumulated physical damages.

bare knuckler: John Heenan


These were MEN of their time, and there was NO mistaking what they did for a “LIVING”.

The twentieth century brought along a “more civilized” manner of facial dissection. The rules of the Marquess of Queensbeery made sure that there was an eveness to the matter. The “SPORT” of [BOXING] allowed for the “gentler” sex to witness the inate physical “beauty” of how each combatant moved to, either strike or avoid the hammer at the end of their opponent’s arm. The grace of a brutal “dance”… a windmilled Waltz where the better man used the other’s face, or rib-cage, to thrum the cresendo of the other’s ensuing defeat. There were those that rose to such heights that they were afforded great wealth and [PRESTIGE] for their art.

All the while the world had its own version of how TWO MEN decided who had better movement and power…

In the Nation of THAILAND, at the ripe old age of  3000 years, the art of non-weaponed, (Ya gotta USE yer ARMS!), combat is a Ballet of MAYHEM.

The creation of Televised sport has allowed us to learn about how “other” Peoples do what we “do”. The creation of the [MMA] has filled a “void” left by BOXING’s familiarity. Yes, Boxing still has the excitement and celebrity that it’s had, but the newness and intricacies of  this new way of “battle” has fed the roots of the “Couch Potato” immencely.

From the year [648 B.C.] the skills of boxing and wrestling were combined to entertain the Greek citizenry, even unto the Olympic Games. In 1899 a Briton introduced the combination of judo, jujutsu, savate; (kicking only.). With the French style of stick fighting, called canne de combat added for  the show of “dexterity”. The Japanese were inspired to the presentation of their version of “American” fighting, called Merikan, in the early 1900’s. Growth was slow, ( War CAN do that to an international phenomena.), throughout the next few decades. Fighting “styles” morphed into various configurations that brought the Brazilian beauty of “submission” combat that we’ve come to know through the [GRACIE] family.

But, before we’d come to know the Gracies a [DRAGON] breathed a fighting fire into our brains through the media of movies.

And, so we’ve come “full-circle” with the interest in MMA. There have been many men who’ve held the TITLE BELT in more than [ONE WEIGHT CLASS] in Boxing, but, the combination of TWO weight classes HASN’T been seen in the MMA as of this date…

Enter the only two that have the mixed martial arts’ enthusiasts ATTENTION. [GEORGE \”RUSH\” ST. PIERRE] and [ANDERSON \”THE SPIDER\” SILVA].

(Sorry, but it WAS the shortest video that I could find.)

The date of this monumental [MATCH-UP] is yet to be announced. No matter what the time-table, those that are fascinated with this type of event will cheerfully slap down the ducats for this bout.

D. Rick Mack

The debate of whether or not Pete Rose should be in the MLB Hall of Fame has been RAGING for years.

“Yes”, Rose Bet on Baseball. “Yes”, Rose Bet on his Reds. and Yes, Rose was Suspended, (Read BANNED!!!), from BASEBALL. The Man, who’s style defined the “GAME”, also admitted he was wrong, and was EXILED from the GAME he LOVED. The man HAS paid the “PRICE”…

…Aug. 24, 1989: Rose agrees to lifetime ban from baseball following a six-month investigation of his gambling, a deal announced by Giamatti. A five-page document signed by Rose and Giamatti has no formal findings. However, Giamatti says he believes Rose bet on baseball, while on the same day Rose denies it.

Sept. 1, 1989: Giamatti dies suddenly of a heart attack at age 51.

April 20, 1990: Rose pleads guilty to two felony counts of filing false income tax returns.

July 19, 1990: Rose is sentenced to five months in prison and fined $50,000.

Aug. 8, 1990: Rose begins serving his five-month prison sentence at Marion (Ill.) Federal prison camp.

Jan. 7, 1991: Rose is released from federal prison in Marion, Ill. He begins the second part of his sentence, consisting of 1,000 hours of community service at Cincinnati inner-city schools…

 But, I feel Pete Rose has done NO MORE WRONGS  than [ANY-BODY] else in the world of professional Sports with this day of PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS  among other things these ATHLETES are taking part of NOWADAYS. 

I see that Rose has just as much RIGHT to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame as anybody else.

 Men like Roger ClemonsMark McGwire and Barry Bonds have been implicated  with these DRUGS. 

 These Men have proclaimed their innocence, but there have been questions about their involvement and how their game was affected by THEM.

  So, my friends, I ask this. If  the “BOYS” in COOPERSTOWN are gonna turn a “cheek” and let these guys in, which ALL will be ELIGIBLE  in the next couple of years, 

[WHY NOT PETE ROSE !?!  Just LET the MAN in the Hall of Fame… 

…And Allow him HIS place… in BASEBALL HISTORY… that he DEFINITELY EARNED.


Mark Jewett

The SPORT of [AUTOMOBILE RACING] has a long HIS-tory of testosterone fueling its “limits”. Although there must have been women drivers of fast cars before [JANET or SHIRLEY], the “NEED for SPEED” hasn’t made many of our daughters “SWOON” over its excitement. Of course  I AM lying to you.

Small towns, like [ROSCOE,IL- COMMERCIAL POINT,OH- CARACAS, VANEZUELA] have “allowed” the “GURLS” to grow up inside their very own “cockpits” and be FAST. Since 1949 women HAVE been a part of the “American” and WORLD motor car event schedules. Which brings me to the crux of this post.

The Daytona  DRIVE4COPD 300 was NOT won by Jimmie Johnson today!?! Tony Stewart beat Clint Bowyer to the finish by the width of an eyelash, ( This story IS about the women.), as the new rules about drafting didn’t seem to matter much to the “old-timers”. A lot of what is important is that HER-story was made today by Danica Patrick becoming the first woman to LEAD a NASCAR sanctioned race LAP when she took the line first at number 31 of the 102 laps to win the event. Although, coupled to that is the fact of a CONTINUING of the family racing HERITAGE of the [WALLACE] dynasty. The third part of this thought is another first that makes Danica and Chrissy the record setters of being ROOKIE starters as Women.

As Racing’s educations are concerned, coming up through the ranks of NASCAR Camping World Trucks series is [JENNIFER JO COBB]. 17th in OVERALL standings. Ms. Cobb, of Kansas City, Kansas was SIXTH, a best finish in the history of the series for a Woman, Friday night at DAYTONA International Speedway. She ties for second-best finish since a FIFTH place result by [SARA CHRISTIAN] in 1949.

Females that knew organized speed have been a part of a lot of our lives. I know of a young woman that used to ride her “massaged” KZ 500 motorcycle that she’d wheelie around the outerbelt, (I-270/ Columbus, Ohio.), of  the city. The last I heard, she’d raced on a 24 hour motorcycle endurance racing team for SUZUKI. Becoming an instructor for a Keith Code Racing School. Cathy was/ IS THAT COOL.

As I writer this I have to think about my former car mechanic, how keeps his 12 year old daughter’s two go-kart monsters in prep readiness for her THREE classes of competition. The deal is that she carrys a 3.7, or better, grade point average. And he gets to tell the world that she LEADS in TWO of those classes.

YEP, she’s (just) one o’ them “GURLS” rayssin’.

A “Good ol’ Boy” has to find his inspiration from where his HEART says is right.  [KENNY CHESNEY] IS some, ( 15 GOLD albums.), big deal in the Country MUSIC field. BUT, as a young man growing up in Luttrell Tennessee you’d think that he’d be idolizing another of the town’s heroes… CHET ATKINS.

Yeah, you would think that. But Kenny didn’t pick up a guitar until 1989, at the tender age of TWENTY-ONE ! Before that Kenny had the “same” artistic fever that most young men in America have… THAT would be Baseball, FOOTBALL or Basketball. Football it was, (” Perhaps the slowest receiver in the history of high school football, but he made the team.”), and [IS] !

The business of sports is not just WHO makes it to the professional ranks, but WHO was inspired to seek their “BEST”, whatever THAT  was, or BECAME. Do you remember a guy named [GEORGE PLIMPTON] ? Mr. Chesney attempted to reserve his spot in sports [SAINT-HOOD] in very much the same [WAY]. What our sports heroes are doing , on a day-to-day basis, is what ESPN has capitalized on to become  the new [\”LEADER] -in-Sports”. The histories of children’s games played by adults used to be the domain of Public Television and Ken Burns. But, now, we are seeing that there are many that have a taste for bringing the lessons “of” to the masses.

This isn’t Mr. chesney’s first foray into the video production of his love of FOOTBALL…


By the way Kenny Chesney’s WORK is about his boyhood Football hero,[CONDREDGE HOLLOWAY]. With Condredge at the helm those “dogs” DID hunt with three bowl appearences.On February 20, 2011 @ 8 p.m. (E.S.T.) ESPN will aire Kenny Chesney’s tribute to the man that inspired his youth, it’s called: The Color ORANGE: The Condredge Holloway Story.

 I do believe that it’s going to be a great story. Kenny DOESN’T DO BAD videos.

Mark/ Mack

The New York [YANKEES] have had some good “luck” as a Baseball organization for over a century.

 Being able to see, then [PURCHASE] the best fits…     George Herman,

                [EDWARD CHARLES] ,           and  Andrew Eugene have all been privy to the deep  pocketed ownership by those of [NEW AMSTERDAM]. Greatness IS expected by the time the ink has dried, most who choose the “Pinstripes” are rewarded by a ring, ( 27 wins in 40 appearances !), for their signitures.

Babe Ruth and Whitey Ford are in the MLB [HALL of FAME]. As of Friday, February 4, 2011 Andy Petitte “will announce” his retirement from the New York YANKEES organization. His [RECORDED] highlights are a testament to the keen eyes of those behind the scenes that help maintain the machine known as the “BRONX BOMBERS”.

 Whatever transpires at the news conference is just the reloading of one of the fiercest of competetive teams in sports. The question is what new “Howitzer” will they bring to the field ?

My Feelings on the Super bowl ” Fallout” last night are these, I feel the better Team won. The Packers, were Prepared and More than a Match for the “SURE THING” PITTSBURG STEELERS. Let’s face it, the Steelers have been there, done that. While the Packers, the Second Youngest team roster in the League, are starting to get their IDENTITY. The Steelers were “UNDERDOGS”, don’t know how, but they were. Though, as I watched the Game I could see that the once “MIGHTY” Pittsburg Steelers were in no way the Team they needed to be to stop the young, upstart Packers from their claim to greatness. 

SUPERBOWL XLV is in the books, and the Pack has taken the Lombardi Trophy home back to where it all began,  45years ago [ SUPER BOWL I].


 When the Man for whom the Super bowl Trophy was named claimed the first Super Bowl victory himself. Along with Hall of Fame , QB Bart Starr, 35-10 over  fellow QB and Hall of Famer, Len Dawson’s Kansas City CHIEFS.

 With the Present Pack, QB, [Air- On Rogers] has gotten over the Hump, and Brett’s Shadow, and Now the SUPERBOWL MVP has become a Champion.


 Meanwhile, the Look of Disappointment is now cast upon the Pittsburg Steelers. Three turnovers turned to 21 points against them. Is not characteristic of a Championship Dynasty.

 Coach Tomlin’s Remarks after the game said it all. His Scowl was seen across the World,                                                                                                          Example of the Mike Tomlin Scowl.

  He was truly upset and the whole World knew it. But I do believe Respect was given to the Packers. But he was very quick to point out that the Steelers will be back. Credit must also be given to the Packers for playing through Adversity, with Key injuries to players


 the Pack went right on attacking the Steelers, and when it looked to be in the Favor of the Men of Steel the Pack fought back and never lost sight of their GOAL.  The Pack is Back!!! 

 More to follow.

Mark Jewett

No one can imagine collecting every scrap of information that could, possibly, be of the Mercurian/ “FRENZIED” childhood of the “Kid” they ran around with. Isn’t that they way it goes when we sit in the living room, hair all linened and navels that echo ? We tell any story that connects us to that “Kid”, from what they’d done beside the public pool to their winning move to win “THE” game in High School.

Many a folk have been a witness to [DICK Le BEAU], who just happened to be the beneficiary of the “small town” GOLDEN RULES” that London, Ohio infused into him. From the stable of ‘RED RAIDERS’, ( His London, Ohio High School Team moniker. ), to the hallowed “SHOE” of THE Ohio State University Dick LeBeau was a STUDENT of the game of FOOTBALL.

Richard and Woodrow

 The FIFTH round, ( 58th overall ), draft pick of the CLEVELAND BROWNS  joined team mate, Tackle, Dick Shafrath in the NFL in 1959. A reward added to his being a running back during the National Championship year of 1957. The BROWNS cut LeBeau during rookie camp (!!!) allowing the DETROIT LIONS to enjoy [TWELVE YEARS] of a HALL of  FAME CAREER .

After leaving college as a running back / DEFENSIVE back, (players of his time played “ALL” the downs ! ), Mr. LeBeau took his knowledge of prevention, ( Lebeau is widely considered to be one of the greatest defensive backs in Detroit history. From 1959-72, he recorded 62 interceptions for 762 yards and three touchdowns. His 62 interceptions are the most by a player in Lions’ history, and he is tied for seventh all-time in NFL history. His 762 interception return yards ranks third all-time in team history. ), to the Philadelphia EAGLES in 1973. The PACKERS followed in 1976, and gave the Cincinnati BENGALS enough of the “right stuff” to be championship caliber during the 1980’s.

 Considered the author of the     ZONE BLITZ LeBeau has been instrumental in many NFL teams achieving the brutal beauty that the American (“style” of ) FOOTBALL has come to be known for. And those organizations that have had  this GENIUS on staff know that their stands, and wallets will have a fullness.

 There  is a debate, this year, of whether Dick LeBeau will continue coaching after this season’s SUPERBOWL #45. He’s stated that he will stay within the STEELERS machine, while some spew the rumor of Dick being wooed to the deserts of Arizona, for the CARDINALS.

 Well, the CHAMPIONSHIP hasn’t been contested yet. So, I will let Mr. LeBeau spring that decision after the game.

D.Rick Mack

Being the “stud” in high school is, practically, nothing when you’re from a pool of , about, 540 total students. That’s 35 less than my senior class graduates. Then you have to factor in how many of these are female, then WHO wants to spend those “WONDERFUL” days of summer in the blessed two-per-day conditioning sessions that determine who plays what for the school’s varsity football program. We’ve all heard the BIG fish- little pond analogy, which IS [\’TRUE\’]. We’ve, also, heard the term “it ain’t the size of the dog in a fight- it’s the size of the FIGHT in the dog”. Let me introduce you to a great bet in the fight that the GREENBAY PACKERS are going to [UNLEASH] against the PITTSBURGH STEELERS  Sunday, February 6, 2011-@ 6:30 p.m..

[THOMAS LEWIS CRABTREE]      has proven to be THAT DOG !

 Local “boy” makes good is an understatement that the [LOCAL] current events distributor just can’t GILD their small-town ‘hero’ enough of.

To give you a comparison, Tom Crabtree isn’t a [CHARLES CHRISTOPHER SPIELMAN], Tom  was / IS “the little engine” that DOES !!!…

“Everyone – even receivers Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, James Jones and Jordy Nelson – saw how tough it will be to get their numbers when tight end Jermichael Finley has a monster game with four big receptions for 103 yards. It is obvious that receptions will be hard to come by this year and perhaps impossible for a first year tight end like Crabtree.

So the place to make a contribution is special teams. Crabtree, who was kept with three other tight ends on the roster, has excelled there.

“He plays on five of the six* special teams units,” said Packers special teams coordinator Shawn Slocum. “He had two kickoff tackles and he was highly combative. He was down fast on the punts. He did an excellent job in the return game as well. He had a nice tackle on running back C.J. Spiller. We were kicking north and Spiller tried to take the ball out to our left side, toward our bench, kind of bouncing out the side door. Crabtree came from the middle. Charlie Peprah turned the ball back in and Crabtree made the tackle. That was a good play.”  * That would be 86.33 % of an entire game’s participation.  (…

Does anyone remember [WILLIAM FREDERICK BATES] ? Or maybe you’ve heard of another Miami (of Ohio) [ALUMNUS] who plays a “little” Football ?

We’ve all got the name of someone who “should have” gone to the top of their sport. Not many of us are handed a name by the person themself . On Sunday, FEBRUARY SIXTH, TWO-THOUSAND ELEVEN there will be a “LITTLE FISH” working on the lunches of some grade- A Bull Sharks.

His name is Tom Crabtree, number 83  for the GREENBAY PACKERS… Born, BRED in SMALL TOWN AMERICA.

D.Rick Mack

What is the definition of a [ROLE] ? A part you play ? A “JOB” that you do ? In this world of Sports Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Larry Bird, “Magic” Johnson, these men were, truly, the ‘GREATS’. And  “collectors” GOBBLE”  up their AUTOGRAPHS like cookies.


                  “AIR” Jordan…                                                                          “HEIR”  Jordan… (?)

But, in the shadows there are men who put it on the line, so that the “Great” CAN be GREAT These men (Chris) BOSH, (Kevin) McHALE, (James) WORTH, [HORACE] GRANT set the pace for their respective teams runs at the CHAMPIONSHIPS.


While these men may not have the notoriety, or collective “prowesses that their peers have they are just as important  to the game of BASKETBALL.

You hear the words… ” I couldn’t have done it without my team-mates”… echo out at the Podium of “GREATNESS”. It is a true statement. Without Worthy there may have NOT been a “fast-break”.  Without Grant, Jordan may not have been “AIR”. Without McHale, Bird may not have “FLOWN”. And, Bosh has been a silent force behind LeBron and “FLASH’S” HEAT. These men deserve more more than “RECOGNITION”… They deserve OUR RESPECT.

Mark Jewett