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Life and the Scenery in Cincinnati  have CHANGED dramatically to say the least,  No Longer  Carson Palmer is the Starting QB for the Bengals, No longer is Bob Bratkowski the Offensive Coordinator, No Longer is Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson is the Starting Reciever, and No Longer is T.O. The New Core of this team  is Here. First off you have a NEW OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR in Jay Gruden,Younger Brother of John Gruden,a West Coast Offense Guru. Then A.J. Green a fast and Physical Wideout from Georgia, then They Get Andrew Dalton the Fearsome Gunslinger  from TCU, This kid is a Winner and Brown knew it,  a FRESH feel comes with these Three gentlemen, Breathes new Life into this team. that began it’s transformation Last Year when they Drafted Jermaine Gresham the Great TE from Oklahoma, and Jordan Shipley fast Speedy Wideout from Texas, some familer faces are back too, Cedric Benson who has been Truly a Workhorse at RB,and Coach Marvin lewis has been the Steady Constant. other than that New Faces in Old Spaces. Youth has arrived  and has a Bright Future ahead of it.

OLD                                                                                                                                                                                                  NEW



With The Bengals nothing is for sure, But one thing is, Mike Brown is not PLAYING BALL with his DISTRAUGHT QuarterBack, CArson palmer has Vowed He would never STEP FOOT on PAUL BROWN STADIUM again. Head Coach Marvin Lewis,has indicated that the TEAM has chose to move on as if Palmer would not be there,Enter the DRAFT, with the Number FOUR PICK in the Draft, Jake Locker,Ryan Mallett,and Cam Newton are waiting  in the Wings to Catch on and be the Heir Apparent to Carson palmer. Cam Newton, the Heisman Trophy Winner from Last Year looks to have all the tools, and the Talent to take Command of a New West Coast Offense,and New Offensive Coordinator Jay Gruden’s Grand Scheme. Locker,and Mallett look to be in the Mix,

but Cam looks  to be the Front Runner in this Race. The Bengals have talked to him and all looks good. Newton looks to Fit for The WEST COAST System that New Offensive Coordinator Jay Gruden is Installing. At the Number Four Pick The Bengals are Primed to Take Newton, Unless One of the Three teams in front decide to take a CHANCE on him that case, both Locker and Mallett would be Factors. both are Big , Strong and Mobile and would be great picks also.

More to Follow.

Mark jewett

Do you know who said : ” Train…say your prayers…take vitamins and believe in yourself ” ?

[TERRY GENE BOLLEA], but, you’ll recognize this 6 foot 4 inch, 302 pound person as HULK HOGAN, or….

 The Hulkster,
Hollywood Hogan,
Thunder Lips,
Terry Boulder,
Sterling Golden,
Mr. America…
plus whatever else the fans in the arenas around the WORLD have SCREAMED.

Terry played little league baseball and a LOT of BASS guitar. I can only guess that yelling “hey, batter batter” and playing to audiences with the volume level at ELEVEN may have contributed to the Hulk’s aural abilities in the ring. Most of all Terry Hogan BUILT himself into the Man we “know” him as today. Florida bred, this mountain of tanned muscles is a hero to many a youngman.

BARTHOLOMEW EDWARD SCOTT] grew up in Detroit, MI and heard a lot of what Hulk espoused, putting it into practice in high school and into college. Many can’t understand the brashness of the words that many who accomplish more than “THEIR LOT” are supposed to…(‘ More than one hundred schools sent out recruiting letters; however, low SAT scores made colleges shy away. Scott later improved his test scores to ensure eligibility.During July workouts for a Michigan high school all-star game, Scott was impressive on the field thus, catching the interest of coach Bryan Masi. Masi contacted Dan Enos, a friend and an assistant coach at Southern Illinois. As a result of the conversation, SIU offerd Scott a scholarship.

Scott continues to return to Southeastern nearly every year to speak with students, challenging them to aspire for more in life. Additionally, Scott provided the school with new uniforms and equipment in 2005 while upgrading the weight room in 2007. Scott also paid to have a new set of bleachers installed at the school after vandals stole the school’s former bleachers. In honor of Scott’s accomplishments on the field and off of it, Southeastern retired his jersey in 2008.’) (“wiki”)

It isn’t often that someone gets to be a part of an event where one may participate WITH their [HERO], especially when you can “barely” tell them apart.

 This should be  fun, for Hulk, for Bart and, for ALL watching.  Bart came to TNA! NFL vs TNA wow that’s cool, it looks like with Lock Out on the horizon, Bart can “Wrassle” with the Hulk and the rest of the BOYS. kind of Cool , Because come march 12-13 Big Buddhas is Putting on a CARD SHOW and Convention at the Vet’s Memorial  in Columbus Ohio,Stars from both the Wrestling and Football Worlds will be there. it would be interesting to get their Take on this situation. Please join us At the Vet’s Memorial as we meet and talk with these Greats to get an insight as to what they do.

More to Follow,

Mark Jewett

D.Rick Mack

It’s been just over a month that the [GREEN BAY PACKERS] won ANOTHER Lombardi Trophy. As I mentioned earlier the men that make up the rosters of the THIRTY-TWO National Football League teams WORK HARD to [BECOME] the specimens we see, (and try to emulate.), through T.V. or in the stadium/ arena.

 Many begin their training at such an early age that it’s a foregone conclusion. 

Whether Base-, Basket-, Football. Or ANY other sport, the benefits distributed throughout our communities is [STAGGERING] when multiplied by what we DON’T know about. With the lucretive tax breaks that schools and [PROFESSIONAL TEAM OWNERSHIP] receive the BOTTOM line of it ALL is the ATHLETE.

 The swordless Gladiators that challenge the seemingly crazy…

… when they, really, know the consequences of the actions their employers have been making [\”light\”] of.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                The [HISTORY] of organized LABOR and how it has helped build the ability to raise a family cannot be questioned, except by those that don’t know HOW IT works… OR by those that have fostered its demise by NOT WORKING within the boundaries of the WORK-PLACE.

The ownership of each NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL [FRANCHISE] , except that of GREEN BAY, have been [CONTENTIOUS] , at best. Talk on, almost, all the ESPN talk segments have alluded to this scenario. there’s been the intimation that there “could” be the real life version of “THE REPLACEMENTS“…

… Many of the newer players wary of the fact that a Veteran being able to dip into some of their saved sums from past seasons.

I wonder if the NFL owners are able to envision a comparison between them and how the American automobile industry  “assisted” in the nation’s economic “decline” just a year, or so, ago ? How many PART-TIME jobs, Municipal coffers, (READ TAXES!!!), Television REVENUES and the profits made from CLOTHING, (  With $18.6 billion in revenue in 2008. NIKE), from the OBVIOUS standpoints !?! This is going to be one of THE best KNOCK-DOWN-DRAG-OUTS  witnessed in  our CUMULATIVE ‘labor/management’  battles YET. And with the “news” agencies focused on how the legislature of WISCONSIN putting the [KLIEGS] of this insinuation into the eyes of the citizens/ SPORT FAN, (Remember, the GREEN BAY PACKERS ARE the ONLY NON-PROFIT TEAM in the NFL!), is there a THEME here somewheres ? It’s [\”FUNNY\’],the  Grasshoppers that make “six figures a minute” are claiming that the “Bees” are trying to carry away the forest. This is how things [REALLY] work, it’s up to you to know it.

D. Rick Mack

The Endless Struggle between the Cincinnati Bengals and disgruntled Players continues with Carson Palmer, with His” TRADE ME OR I’LL RETIRE” banter has been raised,and the lines have been drawn. Mike Brown  has made it very clear he has NO intention in trading  HIS FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK.  Opinions are flying around as is Speculation as to what the situation is in Cinci. everyone  From TO to CHAD to even the powers at ESPN, have given their take on this Matter. Some of the Blame points to the Upper Tier of the BENGALS organization. Others claim Fan Hostility, While Certain people think he is just FED UP with PRIMA DONNAS. with new Offensive Coordinator Jay Gruden, younger Brother of John Gruden, has a WEST COAST Background and is well schooled in it. The System itself should Fit Palmer nicely, IF Palmer wants it. Other Reports have Pointed out that he indeed wants to cut ties with the City that he has called HOME for the past 8 plus years. He has put his Home up on the Market and looks as if He is Moving on himself. On a personal Note, I like Carson and hope that this Situation works out for everybody. You’ve Got the Pics, To get the whole Picture, you have to read between the lines.

More to Follow,         

Mark Jewett

A “Good ol’ Boy” has to find his inspiration from where his HEART says is right.  [KENNY CHESNEY] IS some, ( 15 GOLD albums.), big deal in the Country MUSIC field. BUT, as a young man growing up in Luttrell Tennessee you’d think that he’d be idolizing another of the town’s heroes… CHET ATKINS.

Yeah, you would think that. But Kenny didn’t pick up a guitar until 1989, at the tender age of TWENTY-ONE ! Before that Kenny had the “same” artistic fever that most young men in America have… THAT would be Baseball, FOOTBALL or Basketball. Football it was, (” Perhaps the slowest receiver in the history of high school football, but he made the team.”), and [IS] !

The business of sports is not just WHO makes it to the professional ranks, but WHO was inspired to seek their “BEST”, whatever THAT  was, or BECAME. Do you remember a guy named [GEORGE PLIMPTON] ? Mr. Chesney attempted to reserve his spot in sports [SAINT-HOOD] in very much the same [WAY]. What our sports heroes are doing , on a day-to-day basis, is what ESPN has capitalized on to become  the new [\”LEADER] -in-Sports”. The histories of children’s games played by adults used to be the domain of Public Television and Ken Burns. But, now, we are seeing that there are many that have a taste for bringing the lessons “of” to the masses.

This isn’t Mr. chesney’s first foray into the video production of his love of FOOTBALL…


By the way Kenny Chesney’s WORK is about his boyhood Football hero,[CONDREDGE HOLLOWAY]. With Condredge at the helm those “dogs” DID hunt with three bowl appearences.On February 20, 2011 @ 8 p.m. (E.S.T.) ESPN will aire Kenny Chesney’s tribute to the man that inspired his youth, it’s called: The Color ORANGE: The Condredge Holloway Story.

 I do believe that it’s going to be a great story. Kenny DOESN’T DO BAD videos.

Mark/ Mack

The NFL has seen the end of its NINETY-FIRST year of existence, ( Its forty-fifth Super Bowl.), and like Wall Street the GREED factor looks to reach into the house-“holds” of America. At the Feb. 5, 2011 meeting between the [NFLPA] and league team owners it was reported that CAROLINA PANTHER owner, Jerry Richardson, was fairly denigrating to Drew Brees AND Peyton Manning. (!!!) During the meeting the subject of player safety was brought up by Manning. Richardson’s reply was…. [“What do you know about player safety?”]. This is exactly NOT what someone who thinks they “deserve” someone’s LOYALTY should use as a “CARROT” to get them down the road.

The game of Football is a seriously violent sport that’s designed men of great physical strength and SPEED to continually run “into” each other for an HOUR, (Or more if “OVER-TIME”.) . With them being able to generate the equivalent force of a car hitting a wall going (around) 25m.p.h.

Sometimes those who use sport as a BUSINESS forget that the chaff,1

n 1. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Agriculture) the mass of husks, etc., separated from the seeds during threshing

2. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Agriculture) finely cut straw and hay used to feed cattle3. something of little worth; rubbish (esp in the phrase separate the wheat from the chaff) [Old English ceaf; related to Old High German keva husk].

… , is an integral, and necessary ingredient for all the “bread” that they’re making. AND happens to be the same kingdom, phylum, order, genus, species, CLASS and Domain that they are a “part” of. It’s getting difficult enough to GET, let lone KEEP, a J.O.B. that PAYS well. And one that “YOU’VE” chosen. I have hope that Mr. Richardson is the lone opinion of contention in this, because I Do enjoy the game that I couldn’t play well. Mr. Richardson can’t define these MEN as… “PROLETARIAT [ˌprəʊlɪˈtɛərɪət]

n 1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) all wage-earners collectively

2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the lower or working class3. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in Marxist theory) the class of wage-earners, esp industrial workers, in a capitalist society, whose only possession of significant material value is their labour4. (Historical Terms) (in ancient Rome) the lowest class of citizens, who had no property.

Feb 22 2011 [NFL PA UPDATE]

[via French from Latin prōlētārius proletarian].

My Feelings on the Super bowl ” Fallout” last night are these, I feel the better Team won. The Packers, were Prepared and More than a Match for the “SURE THING” PITTSBURG STEELERS. Let’s face it, the Steelers have been there, done that. While the Packers, the Second Youngest team roster in the League, are starting to get their IDENTITY. The Steelers were “UNDERDOGS”, don’t know how, but they were. Though, as I watched the Game I could see that the once “MIGHTY” Pittsburg Steelers were in no way the Team they needed to be to stop the young, upstart Packers from their claim to greatness. 

SUPERBOWL XLV is in the books, and the Pack has taken the Lombardi Trophy home back to where it all began,  45years ago [ SUPER BOWL I].


 When the Man for whom the Super bowl Trophy was named claimed the first Super Bowl victory himself. Along with Hall of Fame , QB Bart Starr, 35-10 over  fellow QB and Hall of Famer, Len Dawson’s Kansas City CHIEFS.

 With the Present Pack, QB, [Air- On Rogers] has gotten over the Hump, and Brett’s Shadow, and Now the SUPERBOWL MVP has become a Champion.


 Meanwhile, the Look of Disappointment is now cast upon the Pittsburg Steelers. Three turnovers turned to 21 points against them. Is not characteristic of a Championship Dynasty.

 Coach Tomlin’s Remarks after the game said it all. His Scowl was seen across the World,                                                                                                          Example of the Mike Tomlin Scowl.

  He was truly upset and the whole World knew it. But I do believe Respect was given to the Packers. But he was very quick to point out that the Steelers will be back. Credit must also be given to the Packers for playing through Adversity, with Key injuries to players


 the Pack went right on attacking the Steelers, and when it looked to be in the Favor of the Men of Steel the Pack fought back and never lost sight of their GOAL.  The Pack is Back!!! 

 More to follow.

Mark Jewett

No one can imagine collecting every scrap of information that could, possibly, be of the Mercurian/ “FRENZIED” childhood of the “Kid” they ran around with. Isn’t that they way it goes when we sit in the living room, hair all linened and navels that echo ? We tell any story that connects us to that “Kid”, from what they’d done beside the public pool to their winning move to win “THE” game in High School.

Many a folk have been a witness to [DICK Le BEAU], who just happened to be the beneficiary of the “small town” GOLDEN RULES” that London, Ohio infused into him. From the stable of ‘RED RAIDERS’, ( His London, Ohio High School Team moniker. ), to the hallowed “SHOE” of THE Ohio State University Dick LeBeau was a STUDENT of the game of FOOTBALL.

Richard and Woodrow

 The FIFTH round, ( 58th overall ), draft pick of the CLEVELAND BROWNS  joined team mate, Tackle, Dick Shafrath in the NFL in 1959. A reward added to his being a running back during the National Championship year of 1957. The BROWNS cut LeBeau during rookie camp (!!!) allowing the DETROIT LIONS to enjoy [TWELVE YEARS] of a HALL of  FAME CAREER .

After leaving college as a running back / DEFENSIVE back, (players of his time played “ALL” the downs ! ), Mr. LeBeau took his knowledge of prevention, ( Lebeau is widely considered to be one of the greatest defensive backs in Detroit history. From 1959-72, he recorded 62 interceptions for 762 yards and three touchdowns. His 62 interceptions are the most by a player in Lions’ history, and he is tied for seventh all-time in NFL history. His 762 interception return yards ranks third all-time in team history. ), to the Philadelphia EAGLES in 1973. The PACKERS followed in 1976, and gave the Cincinnati BENGALS enough of the “right stuff” to be championship caliber during the 1980’s.

 Considered the author of the     ZONE BLITZ LeBeau has been instrumental in many NFL teams achieving the brutal beauty that the American (“style” of ) FOOTBALL has come to be known for. And those organizations that have had  this GENIUS on staff know that their stands, and wallets will have a fullness.

 There  is a debate, this year, of whether Dick LeBeau will continue coaching after this season’s SUPERBOWL #45. He’s stated that he will stay within the STEELERS machine, while some spew the rumor of Dick being wooed to the deserts of Arizona, for the CARDINALS.

 Well, the CHAMPIONSHIP hasn’t been contested yet. So, I will let Mr. LeBeau spring that decision after the game.

D.Rick Mack

Being the “stud” in high school is, practically, nothing when you’re from a pool of , about, 540 total students. That’s 35 less than my senior class graduates. Then you have to factor in how many of these are female, then WHO wants to spend those “WONDERFUL” days of summer in the blessed two-per-day conditioning sessions that determine who plays what for the school’s varsity football program. We’ve all heard the BIG fish- little pond analogy, which IS [\’TRUE\’]. We’ve, also, heard the term “it ain’t the size of the dog in a fight- it’s the size of the FIGHT in the dog”. Let me introduce you to a great bet in the fight that the GREENBAY PACKERS are going to [UNLEASH] against the PITTSBURGH STEELERS  Sunday, February 6, 2011-@ 6:30 p.m..

[THOMAS LEWIS CRABTREE]      has proven to be THAT DOG !

 Local “boy” makes good is an understatement that the [LOCAL] current events distributor just can’t GILD their small-town ‘hero’ enough of.

To give you a comparison, Tom Crabtree isn’t a [CHARLES CHRISTOPHER SPIELMAN], Tom  was / IS “the little engine” that DOES !!!…

“Everyone – even receivers Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, James Jones and Jordy Nelson – saw how tough it will be to get their numbers when tight end Jermichael Finley has a monster game with four big receptions for 103 yards. It is obvious that receptions will be hard to come by this year and perhaps impossible for a first year tight end like Crabtree.

So the place to make a contribution is special teams. Crabtree, who was kept with three other tight ends on the roster, has excelled there.

“He plays on five of the six* special teams units,” said Packers special teams coordinator Shawn Slocum. “He had two kickoff tackles and he was highly combative. He was down fast on the punts. He did an excellent job in the return game as well. He had a nice tackle on running back C.J. Spiller. We were kicking north and Spiller tried to take the ball out to our left side, toward our bench, kind of bouncing out the side door. Crabtree came from the middle. Charlie Peprah turned the ball back in and Crabtree made the tackle. That was a good play.”  * That would be 86.33 % of an entire game’s participation.  (…

Does anyone remember [WILLIAM FREDERICK BATES] ? Or maybe you’ve heard of another Miami (of Ohio) [ALUMNUS] who plays a “little” Football ?

We’ve all got the name of someone who “should have” gone to the top of their sport. Not many of us are handed a name by the person themself . On Sunday, FEBRUARY SIXTH, TWO-THOUSAND ELEVEN there will be a “LITTLE FISH” working on the lunches of some grade- A Bull Sharks.

His name is Tom Crabtree, number 83  for the GREENBAY PACKERS… Born, BRED in SMALL TOWN AMERICA.

D.Rick Mack