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It’s been just over a month that the [GREEN BAY PACKERS] won ANOTHER Lombardi Trophy. As I mentioned earlier the men that make up the rosters of the THIRTY-TWO National Football League teams WORK HARD to [BECOME] the specimens we see, (and try to emulate.), through T.V. or in the stadium/ arena.

 Many begin their training at such an early age that it’s a foregone conclusion. 

Whether Base-, Basket-, Football. Or ANY other sport, the benefits distributed throughout our communities is [STAGGERING] when multiplied by what we DON’T know about. With the lucretive tax breaks that schools and [PROFESSIONAL TEAM OWNERSHIP] receive the BOTTOM line of it ALL is the ATHLETE.

 The swordless Gladiators that challenge the seemingly crazy…

… when they, really, know the consequences of the actions their employers have been making [\”light\”] of.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                The [HISTORY] of organized LABOR and how it has helped build the ability to raise a family cannot be questioned, except by those that don’t know HOW IT works… OR by those that have fostered its demise by NOT WORKING within the boundaries of the WORK-PLACE.

The ownership of each NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL [FRANCHISE] , except that of GREEN BAY, have been [CONTENTIOUS] , at best. Talk on, almost, all the ESPN talk segments have alluded to this scenario. there’s been the intimation that there “could” be the real life version of “THE REPLACEMENTS“…

… Many of the newer players wary of the fact that a Veteran being able to dip into some of their saved sums from past seasons.

I wonder if the NFL owners are able to envision a comparison between them and how the American automobile industry  “assisted” in the nation’s economic “decline” just a year, or so, ago ? How many PART-TIME jobs, Municipal coffers, (READ TAXES!!!), Television REVENUES and the profits made from CLOTHING, (  With $18.6 billion in revenue in 2008. NIKE), from the OBVIOUS standpoints !?! This is going to be one of THE best KNOCK-DOWN-DRAG-OUTS  witnessed in  our CUMULATIVE ‘labor/management’  battles YET. And with the “news” agencies focused on how the legislature of WISCONSIN putting the [KLIEGS] of this insinuation into the eyes of the citizens/ SPORT FAN, (Remember, the GREEN BAY PACKERS ARE the ONLY NON-PROFIT TEAM in the NFL!), is there a THEME here somewheres ? It’s [\”FUNNY\’],the  Grasshoppers that make “six figures a minute” are claiming that the “Bees” are trying to carry away the forest. This is how things [REALLY] work, it’s up to you to know it.

D. Rick Mack


This is a story about a couple of sports ‘Heroes’.

[STANLEY FRANK MUSIAL]                                                                                                                                                                




 I’ve said heroes, and I mean it in the most SINCERE manner that I can express.

 Stan “The Man” Musial was the most prolific Baseball player of his time. And that was accomplished even as he’d served in the U.S. Navy during World War 2, (Cardinals@ 1941-1963). As a civilian he served as Vice President of the St. Louis CARDINAL Baseball team serving his country also that year by being this nation’s PHYSICAL FITNESS ADVISOR for President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1967. If you couldn’t guess, Stan is also an inductee of the Major League Baseball Hall of FAME. 

“Bill” Russell IS the premier DNA donor to the model of what the title CENTER means to the definition of WHAT a position player SHOULD BE in the game of Basketball. Not only did he “stand his ground” at the post but, he did outside the walls of Boston Gardens. On a road trip the black players were denied a service… after “some” was rendered HE REFUSED to play THAT night’s game. He, too, is in the Hall of FAME, but in the halls of the National Basketball Association’s.

 These MEN have served their SPORT and WORLD during their lifetimes. And on Tuesday, February Fifteenth, Two-Thousand Twelve, BOTH, were seated in the WHITE HOUSE along with 15present, plus 1 postumous, [RECIPIENTS].

Congratulations to ALL for their GIFTS to the world. And for receiving the [PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL of FREEDOM].

The Once Undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes are now off the Mountain and now must climb back to get to the summit. The Game at Wisconsin proved that the Bucks were BEATABLE, but lesson learned.  They now know they have to play PERFECT BASKETBALL, now more than ever. Starting with Jared Sullinger, the FRESHMAN Forward who has been nothing short of spectacular, and keeps improving his game. Seniors David Lighty and Jon Diebler know it’s  their time to lead this team through the adversity. Wisconsin has handed the first loss to OSU in 25 match-ups this year. So Sullinger, Lighty, Diebler, Buford, Craft and the rest of the team know March the SIXTH is “D-Day” for them. Since Thad Matta took the helm, the BUCKEYES have been “pretty good” at home, 115-10 in Columbus, with a record of 33-1 the last two years!  Not bad. The Bucks WILL “bounce” back in a big way.  They have been tested, (And found “WANTING”.), and this loss will serve as “A SHOT IN THE GLUTES”  that “may” CATAPALT them through the BIG TEN and into the NCAA Championships.

More To Follow

Mark Jewett

As of  Tuesday February 15, 2011 THE Ohio State [BUCKEYES] have re-engaged their winning ways. The remaining five scheduled conference contests are surely going to test their resolve as they reach toward [FRED TAYLOR] territory. This is how they did it…[GUT-CHECK].

Kevin Durant reminds me of Jimmy Stewart in the film ” The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”.

A man who quietly goes about life in a NO NONSENSE, get it done efficient way. As a Lawyer Stewart’s job was done through beautifully applied words. UNTIL…

Kevin Durant has that lean, reed-like frame of “Business” done against Gale winds. For these few years he has   FLOWED around, past and through the ‘GOLIATHS’ of the NBA. 


There’d been no questions of how well Kevin conducted “BUSINESS“. We’ve seen no one bluster chest-to-chest, during any of the hundreds of contests, to Kevin…                     

EXCEPT the other day, ( Sunday, Jan 30, 2011), with Chris Bosh.  

Many Sports News programs held lengthy discussions about the significance  of the two quiet men’s display on court.

After four years of NBA TIME, ( After ONLY ONE year of NCAA, Division One  preparation.), the young, (22 years old.), University of TEXAS product’s only LOUDNESS was via being the number ONE drafted player that year… until Chris Bosh interrupted the, Technical FOUL generating, conversation between Durant and team mate Devon Hardin during the first half of the MIAMI  HEAT-OKLAHOMA THUNDER game.

Growing up during the 20th century gave credence… FAVOR… to the “strong, SILENT hero”. UNTIL a string of beautifully “brutal” Boxing wins by Cassius Clay/ MUHAMMAD ALI. 


 The high volume brashness of blatant braggodocio was shunned. Those times have morphed into pre, during and after “game” horn blowing that is more raucous, and intense, than New York Harbor Masters announcing the passage of the Tall Ships.

Maybe Mr. Bosh has decided to fire the initial volley of the “War of the WHISPERERS”. If so Mr. Durant has returned said volley via his  [ TREBUCHET] of [  TERSE][NESS]. Even with their volume turned to ELEVEN this “scrap” may be heard in [BRAILLE].

 A “fair”- [-LIS], ( As in fleur-de-), dangerous man. ( Chris Bosh as “Casper Milquetoast”.)

D.Rick Mack

What is the definition of a [ROLE] ? A part you play ? A “JOB” that you do ? In this world of Sports Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Larry Bird, “Magic” Johnson, these men were, truly, the ‘GREATS’. And  “collectors” GOBBLE”  up their AUTOGRAPHS like cookies.


                  “AIR” Jordan…                                                                          “HEIR”  Jordan… (?)

But, in the shadows there are men who put it on the line, so that the “Great” CAN be GREAT These men (Chris) BOSH, (Kevin) McHALE, (James) WORTH, [HORACE] GRANT set the pace for their respective teams runs at the CHAMPIONSHIPS.


While these men may not have the notoriety, or collective “prowesses that their peers have they are just as important  to the game of BASKETBALL.

You hear the words… ” I couldn’t have done it without my team-mates”… echo out at the Podium of “GREATNESS”. It is a true statement. Without Worthy there may have NOT been a “fast-break”.  Without Grant, Jordan may not have been “AIR”. Without McHale, Bird may not have “FLOWN”. And, Bosh has been a silent force behind LeBron and “FLASH’S” HEAT. These men deserve more more than “RECOGNITION”… They deserve OUR RESPECT.

Mark Jewett