“The” Big BUDDHA Sports Cards and Memorabilia GUYS

Big Buddha’s is a team of Two men, whose Ideas and Principals are one and the same. We  WORK to provide an outlet for the Sports ENTHUSIASTS  and Collectors. Working to provide a Knowledge, (and a Base.), for which they can  enjoy their “Hobby”. The reason that “Big Buddha” is what it is is that “big city” businesses seem to have, pretty much, the same patterns of offerings and style. We  find our “small town” situation to be an opening to provide MORE for those who wish to collect the day-to-day pieces of what they see on ‘Tee-Vee’ , or what they witness at a Stadium/ Arena.

Whether a simple local School garment to the Jersey / Sweater, (Hockey.), of those that make up a favorite “championship” team, (or hopefuls.), we look to assist. If there’s a yen for that STAR’S  Tobacco, Bubble Gum, Cereal Box or a WONDER-filled gold mine we are here to “see” to your desires. Sometimes by holding an event, such as the Icky Woods Youth Football Camp, ( Held in early June at the Mount Sterling, OHIO Community Center ‘Sports’ Field.), we can help the “next Richard LeBeau, or Thomas Crabtree begin their way into “Sports History”. ( Both were part of  Super Bowl FORTY-FIVE, one as Coach, one as Player.)

 So, that is PART of the WHO’S we are, AND only a part of WHAT we’re doing in the pursuit of sports “card” collecting.

We hope that you get to read EVERY article that we place here, and when you do we’d like to give you a hint about the little [BRACKETED] words. When you see it place your cursor over it then tap the LEFT button. You’ll be linked to MORE information.  

If you’re wondering how to contact “The Buddha” go to the top of a post and tap the “TAKE ME TO THE BUDDHA” button. THANKS!!!


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