The world of professional wrestling has had its Share of  Ups and Downs. there has been triumphs and tears along the way, Men like Curt Henning, Rick Rude,Owen Hart, Road Warrior Hawk, Andre The Giant, Big John Studd, Ray ( BossMan) Trailer, Luna Vacon and Miss Elizabeth just to name a few of the FRAT Brothers and Sisters who have Perished, may they All Rest in Peace. These dedicated Professionals put it all on the line to give fans their Money’s Worth EVERY time they came to a Wrestling Event. Hercules Hernandez, Brian Pillman, Eddie Gilbert, Andrew  (Test) Martin and  The Junkyard  Dog , were some other names that came to mind also contributing to the  success that has made Professional Wrestling  its own spectacle. Without these Dedicated Men and Women the Sport of Professional Wrestling would not be the same,and Now that they are no longer with us. It isn’t, (the same.). The promoters CASHED in ON the TALENT that these People brought to the table. And in the process these people were pushed to the Highest of levels to perform; and used Questionable Methods to do so. But some insiders would say that’s Part of the Show. I would like to take this Time to say Thank YOU to anyone who laces Up a pair of Wrestling Boots… and PAYS The PRICE. For OUR ENTERTAINMENT. From the Small, Independent Wrestler to someone who has MADE IT to the Main Event. THANK YOU.


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